Whether you’re entertaining for two or hosting a large party, setting the mood will enhance the experience.  Add a little music to your theme will only make it better.

Here are simple ideas of ways to present your meals.


  • Blue Denim Setting
    Blue Denim Setting
    I like the blue denim feel that works well for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Wood and cast iron really work well with this color and texture.
  • Patriotic Table Setting
    Patriotic Table Setting
    Simple flag print placemats with cloth napkins tucked inside Mason jar mugs, perfect for 4th. of July and Memorial day BBQs. Most retailers carry seasonal tablecloths and placemats.
  • Red & Black Chinese Setting
    Red & Black Chinese Setting
    Easy to care for bamboo placemats with matching place settings create a nice ambiance for a delicious homemade Chinese meal. This is just an example of what you can do, there are many beautiful colors, shapes and sizes that Chinese place settings come in and can be found online but also World Market usually has a nice selection.
  • St. Patrick's Day Setting
    St. Patrick's Day Setting
    What better way to celebrate the Irish holiday than with a simple shamrock print with versatile simple white plates. Most retailers carry seasonal tablecloths and placemats.
  • Western Setting
    Western Setting
    This type of setting is ideal for BBQing and hearty dishes like pot roast and stew.
  • Thanksgiving Setting
    Thanksgiving Setting
    Inexpensive tablecloth with matching napkins, corn candles and dollar store cornucopias used to hold the silverware along with dollar store pumpkin and leaf accents.
  • Tropical Setting
    Tropical Setting
    This particular setting works well with Caribbean and South Pacific dishes, even a luau. Inexpensive polished seashell napkin rings accent the setting.
  • Valentine's Day Setting
    Valentine's Day Setting
    Valentine's just screams red and hearts. Inexpensive dollar store heard beaded necklaces adorn the champagne glasses, this type of adornment can be done for any holiday or occasion.
  • Elegance & Romance Setting
    Elegance & Romance Setting
    Nice floral or paisley prints work well for this type of setting. Simple silk flower roses from hobby store make up the centerpiece.
  • Easter Setting
    Easter Setting
    Easter is all about bunnies, carrots, eggs and pastel colors. I've chosen to go with a carrot theme, with tiny glass carrots scattered on the table with accents of green.
  • Mediterranean Setting
    Mediterranean Setting
    I call these rustic place settings Mediterranean because it can work for Greek, Italian, etc. food.
  • Fiesta Setting
    Fiesta Setting
    Perfect for Mexican or Latin meals and for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
  • Layered Setting
    Layered Setting
    This adds nice texture to your setting by using a combination of tablecloth and placemats. This is also a good option if you have a damaged or stained tablecloth, the placemats can cover up the stains and still be utilized.
  • Informal Christmas Setting
    Informal Christmas Setting
    This setting is great for a small gathering or for breakfast Christmas morning. Placemats we very cheap at the dollar store.
  • Christmas Setting
    Christmas Setting
    Simple traditional Christmas colors, red and green in a nice plaid. This is actually my bar I was using as we have a tradition of fondue Bourguignonne for Christmas dinner. Since this is a typical 2 hour meal, we like to watch a movie so that is why the setting is the way it is. The gold sleds were bought at a discount chain for a couple dollars and hold the napkin and fondue forks.
  • Blue Chinese Setting
    Blue Chinese Setting
    These simple blue placemats can be used for any type of place setting and work well with the blue enamel Chinese print and would also work good with Spode blue, willow blue and many other blue and white prints out there.
  • Black & White Setting
    Black & White Setting
    Simple yet elegant place setting good for any type of cuisine.
  • Autumn Setting
    Autumn Setting
    Who doesn't love fall colors; yellows, golds, orange, reds and purples? The placemats are from a dollar store, work great for Thanksgiving but can also work well for any place setting during the season.


Buffet Ideas

  • Tostada Bar
    Tostada Bar
    Whole grain baked tortillas, seasoned ground turkey, homemade refried beans, guacamole, onions, olives, cheese, tomatoes, plain Greek yogurt (sour cream), lettuce and more.
  • Slider Bar
    Slider Bar
    Whole grain slider rolls with hamburgers/turkey burgers, cheddar cheese, and toppings.
  • Salad Bar
    Salad Bar
    Mixed greens with assorted toppings; onion, eggs, cucumber, radish, cheese, tomatoes, uncured bacon, whole grain croutons, celery, carrots, etc. with assorted dressings, Presented in plastic containers so it is easy to put the lid on and store and have salads throughout the week.