Recipes featured here are from the heart, which is what Southern cooking is all about; love, life, friends & family. Many associate fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, grits and collard greens as Southern cuisine – while that is true it’s not what all Southern cooking is.  Southern cooking is based upon what was and is available locally mixed with the heritage of those who settled in the South. Southerners are comprised of many different races and cultures which has influenced the dishes and traditions of the South.

Here you will find some traditional and not so traditional foods.  I have eliminated processed foods and replaced them with good fats, whole grain, high fiber and unrefined products which is not only good for your heart and gut health but can be beneficial to weight loss.  Recipes here follow healthy eating guidelines with meat not being the focal point of the meal, which many Mediterranean diets are comprised of.   I use the freshest of ingredients but will also give you options for cutting corners because sometimes we just don’t have the time with our busy schedules to always make meals from scratch. The whole grain and high fiber will fill you up and you’ll never walk away from the dinner table feeling deprived and the satisfying hearty recipes will keep you coming back for more. You will also discover that eating this way doesn’t just make you healthier and feel better but is friendly on the wallet as well.

Eating healthy, feeling better with great taste while saving money is what it is all about.